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Heartless, rude, and incompetent!Dr.

Kleiman took one very brief look at my eye and then said I had a mass in my eye. When I asked what does that mean, he said "A mass, an atypical mass or tumor." Then he handed me a business card of another ophthalmologist, and told me to go see him in stead. And then he left the room. He never even gave me a chance to ask him questions about this "tumor".

Can a doctor be so cold as to tell a patient they have a tumor and then stand up and walk out on them?

I don't wish this to my worst enemy.I am very fortunate though that he referred me to someone other than him for further care!!

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Irving, Texas, United States #887435

I had my eye done Jan 31 2014 and I feel wonderful I hap to wear reading glasses, but I was told that from the start. I can see at night and everything and they were really nice to me.

Granbury, Texas, United States #776512

Don't believe this guy.I've been treated at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center and had a complete opposite experience.

Notice that this complaint says Hollywood Florida.

Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center is in Arlington Texas!This is obviously a fake posting.


I'd suggest that Richarddunne file a complaint with the medical licensing board about this. they likely won't do anything except bring it to his attention but just maybe he will think about his demeaner before he does this to another patient.

Kudos to Richarddunne for posting this.


OMG Sally.Why wouldn't a doctor talk to him while he handed him that business card?

What if the other doctor can't see him for months? I wonder how you would feel if you were told you had a tumor and a doctor walked out on you?

I bet you would feel differently.I wouldn't go to that doctor if he was the last one standing on this earth.

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #101072

I would have walked out on you too.Why would he stay to talk to you when he referred you to another doctor?

What an *** you are.You had better hope you do not get sued for defamation of character and/or slanderous accusations.

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